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Unkle – Money and Run (Feat. Nick Cave)
Chiddy Bang – Guinness Flow
Grouplove – Colours
tUnE-yArDs – Gangsta
Against Me! – Holy Shit!
Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk
Grieves and Budo – Lightspeed
Madvillian – Figaro (101 Remix – Four Tet)
Beastie Boys – Too Many Rappers (Feat. Nas)
The International Noise Conspiracy – I Wanna Know About U
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – Bad Reputation
Soulcrate Music – Electric Heavy Flow
Thao & Mirah – Squareneck

Download here.

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I was trying to migrate a MySQL database today, that contained Chinese characters. When you dump the database to standard out, like you normally would with mysqldump, the export doesn’t keep the Chinese characters. I did all sorts of things with the character set, etc., and nothing seemed to work. I always ended up with garbage on import. Obviously, the database is UTF-8, but the text file doesn’t work the way I expected. I tried the mysqldump command, passing the -r command, specifying the location to output the file. This is supposed to solve this problem, because it’s not going through standard out. However, you are left using standard in for the import, or you can cut in paste into MySQL Workbench. In any case, none of these worked. The characters were always corrupted. After doing a bit of research, and thinking about it for a few, I realized I could pipe the process directly from one MySQL box to another. This shouldn’t have seemed like rocket science, but I’d never thought of doing an export/import like this before. Here’s the syntax.

First, create the database on the remote machine, either by logging in our through mysqladmin.

mysqladmin -h host_name -u user_name -p create db_name

Next, pipe the dump from the original server to the new server.

mysqldump db_name | mysql -h host_name -u user_name -p db_name

This seems like a really easy solution for migration, though I found virtually no documentation on doing such a migration in this manner.

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Another group of pictures from the last 3 weeks or so.

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I haven’t posted pictures for the last couple of weeks, trying to catch up.

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Here’s a bunch of Instagram photos of the girls from the last two weeks, regular photos later today:

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Here’s some pictures from the last week or two. Skate night with the girls tonight, so more on the way I’m sure.

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Here’s the next set of recent pictures of the girls:

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So, I’ve got weeks worth of pictures of the girls to upload, and I’m going to break them into several sets. The girls have been very busy of late, with parties, skate night, play dates, and just being themselves.

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A little tribute to Screeching Weasel, who cancelled their tour because of what happened at SXSW.

Intro (Scars)
Murderdolls – My Dark Place Alone
GG Allin – Drink Fight and Fuck
The Bouncing Souls – The Ballad of Johnny X
Transplants – Tall Cans in the Air
Sloppy Seconds – Germany
Vandals – Heartbreak Hotel
The Distillers – Drain the Blood
Against Me! – You Look Like I Need a Drink
Guttermouth – Just a Fuck
Lagwagon – Sick
Wednesday 13 – Too Much Blood
Marilyn Manson – Cake and Sodomy
Slipknot – Spit it Out
Screeching Weasel – Goodbye to you (From – You Broke My Fucking Heart)

Download here.

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Chemical Brothers – Galvanize
Beastie Boys – Intergalatic
PJ Harvey – C’mon Billy
Portishead – Cowboys
Nouvelle Vague – Dancing With Myself
Balkan Beat Box – Joro Box
Madvillian – Rhinestone Cowboy (Four Tet Remix)
Daft Punk – Technologic (Peaches No Logic Remix)
Herbaliser – Good Girl Gone Bad
Orbital – Waving Not Drowning
Eels – Souljacker Part 1

Download here.